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MazaCAM – a software with a long history

Software history

MazaCAM is a product of the US-American company SolutionWare Corporation.

SolutionWare produces CAD/CAM software for CNC production since 1975 and thus falls back on over 40 years of experience in this area.

MazaCAM’s origin lies in the CAM software GeoPath which was at first designed for the creation of normal G-Code (DIN ISO) programs.

As the company Yamazaki Mazak brought the world’s first dialog control on the market in 1981, one could suddenly not create programs for the machine control on a CAM system or in a normal text editor.

That was the birth of MazaCAM.

SolutionWare had set itself the objective to provide the opportunity to create CNC programs for the Mazatrol control from a PC workstation. MazaCAM Editor was developed.

Besides the development of an Mazatrol Editor the opportunity should be created to include a CAD/CAM system for this type of programming.

Therefore, the already existing CAM system GeoPath was combined with Mazatrol Editor. Thus, one had the opportunity to use CAD data for Mazatrol programming and avoid the use of DIN-ISO programs. Nonetheless, the opportunity to create G-Code programs was kept so that other machine types can be operated and to provide a flexibly usable software.

Since 1981 Mazak publishes new generations of its Mazatrol control in regular intervals. These individual Mazatrol controls are not compatible with each other. As a result of this a function was developed for MazaCAM to convert between control types.

MazaCAM today and in the future.

To date, MazaCAM has been continuously evolved and one has set himself the target to constantly promote this development and to cover and operate new developments in the field of Mazatrol control as quickly as possible. Today, MazaCAM is the technologically most evolved offline programming system for Mazatrol, worldwide.

Until now, the development enables us to program and control all Mazak machines and controls.


MazaCAM serves all Mazak machines

Market coverage

MazaCAM is a market leader in the area of offline programming for Mazak machines with several thousand licenses, worldwide.

Our client base ranges from small machining companies and medium-sized companies in the area of medical engineering, mold making or measurement technology up to large automotive suppliers and companies.

Our customers have one thing in common:

They want to get the best out of their Mazak machines. MazaCAM offers the most complete solution for all areas of data communication, management, production management and, of course, CAM programming.

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