Tool Management - MazaCAM

Save and manage all setup data along with the program

Tool management for Mazak machines

Manage tool data sheets and components

Our tool management for Mazaks supports you to further organize your production and to reduce set-up times. Save the Mazatrol tool data with the associated program and transfer them automatically to the tool database. Document your tools and create tool data sheets for the production at your Mazaks.


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Our management for Mazak tool data supports you to further organize your production, reduce set-up times and avoid needless new purchase costs. X-MSK tool management is available as an add-on to our DNC Pro package.

  • Tool management takes care of many tasks you, otherwise, have done manually. Download your tool data with the associated Mazatrol program from your Mazak. The tool management suitably stores the data and automatically transfers the tools into the database. Furthermore, an appropriate tool data sheet or setup sheet is created immediately.
  • Document your tools by entering additional information (supplier, price, application, etc) and keep the overview by viewing and list individual components of various tools.
  • If you upload a program with its associated tool data  to the machine, tool data are automatically stored in the machine and generated for the program.



  • Low set-up times
  • Complete overview of your tools > reduces needless costs for new purchases
  • Automatic data synchronization with the machine
  • Automatic storage of tool presetting devices’ measurement data


  • Transferring machine tool data with the associated program
  • Filter function for tools used in a program
  • Print associated tool data sheet of a program
  • Auto-calibration at reuse
  • Tool data are automatically created at re transfer to the machine
  • Optional input of additional data
  • Interface for tool presetting device



4,8 / 5,0