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HSM machining for Mazak machines

Trochoidal milling for Mazak

Use trochoidal tool paths in Mazatrol

In addition to our CAD/CAM module for Mazatrol output, this add-on allows you to create trochoidal tool paths. Contour or pocket roughing with trochoidal machining enables fast machining times with higher tool life.




  • Shorter machining times
  • Reduced tool wear by optimal utilization of cuttings
  • Benefit from modern machining strategies without losing the Mazatrol advantage


  • Creation of trochoidal tool paths on the 2D or 3D model
  • High-speed machining for contours and pockets
  • Automatic integration of trochoidal machining in the Mazatrol program

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  • The additional module for generating trochoidal tool paths allows you to use this modern machining strategy without losing the Mazatrol control advantage.
  • This module generates modern HSM and trochoidal tool paths and is available as add-on to our normal 2D-CAD/CAM.
  • Trochoidal tool paths enable the use of higher cutting parameters with greater depth feed and less wear of tools. With the radial tool path, the tool remains optimal and minimal in intervention.
  • This type of machining is not supported by traditional Mazatrol programming. If you generate a Mazatrol program with our CAD/CAM system, all regular Mazatrol processes (drilling, pockets, line, etc.) remain unchanged.  The trochoidal machining is called as a manual-process unit or as a EIA/ISO-subprogram. This keeps the advantage of Mazatrol interface and the Mazak tool data and avoids the use of cumbersome and confusing DIN/ISO programs.

Here you can find a overview of all available packages and their contents for the use of CAD data for Mazatrol.



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