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Mazak MDE and BDE

Together with our DNC Pro package we offer the possibility to optimize your Mazak machine resources’ usage by transparent reporting of machine data.

Optimize your production by capturing downtimes of your Mazak machines. The perfect tool for  post calculation of contracts. Keep a complete overview of your production’s the machine statuses.


Read more about MDE and BDE for Mazak machines

The X-MSK ADC / MDC module, as an add-on to the DNC Pro package, enables a second-exact easy and automatic capturing of operating times and downtimes of your Mazak machines. All the relevant information are clearly displayed in the BDE-view – ready for your evaluations.

  • Mazak machines with Fusion640 and Matrix controls do not require additional control updates or hardware. Mazak machines with serial control (e.g. M-Plus, T32, etc.) require an additional hardware box.
  • You have all the equipment and production processes in view, and can react flexibly and quickly to changes in the machine availability or utilization.
  • Ensures a higher possible utilization by optimizing processes using MDA / PDA.
  • Evaluation can take place order-related or automatically directly with the program handover.
  • The optional MAE-module contains machine alert and error message delivery to your PC or via email. Thus, you are able to immediately react to machine downtimes. Then, some problems can be fixed conveniently via remote maintenance. Different contact persons, which will receive a notification, can be selected for different machines. This module is also available separately.




  • Status of all machines at a glance
  • Transparent evaluation of downtimes, operating and failure times
  • Cost-efficient acquisition
  • No control updates or additional hardware required for Fusion640 or Matrix machines
  • Automatic and order related evaluation
  • Use of existing wiring
  • Easy commissioning


  • Second-exactly recording of machining times
  • Manually editable additional informations
  • Displaying multiple machines or jobs
  • Listing
  • Filter function by e.g. contracts
  • Display detailed information
  • No need of additional hardware (for many machines)
  • Optional automatic alarm messages
  • Supports pallet machines with constantly changing jobs

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Recive error messages of your Mazak machine directly to the PC or via email.



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