MazaCAM Mazatrol Editor

Create Mazak/Mazatrol programs easily on a PC

MazaCAM Mazatrol Editor

Write Mazatrol programs while your Mazak machines keep working

MazaCAM Editor offers a perfect, easy-to-use Mazatrol workstation for your office. The user interface is like your Mazak machine’s and it can be customized company-specifically, through the use of Mazak user parameters, tool data, cutting data, etc. MazaCAM Editor supports all Mazak machines and controls

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MazaCAM Editor offers a perfect Mazatrol programming workstation for your PC, just like you know it from your Mazak machines. Thus, MazaCAM can significantly contribute to your work preparation.

  • Use MazaCAM (one system) to program various Mazatrol controls directly on your computer. The output is suitable for all Mazatrol controllers from T1 to Matrix/Smart (except T4), or Mazak machines (e.g. Quick-Turn Nexus, VTC, Integrex, etc.).
  • Open multiple editor windows to see various programs at once. Simply copy and paste proven processes from one program to another.
  • While programming, you are able to navigate through the program due to interactive graphics.
  • Using the user-friendly Windows interface you can edit or create Mazatrol programs.
  • Customize the editor to your company’s needs and use your Mazak machines’ tool data, cutting data and user parameters. Create a consistent design between programming in MazaCAM Editor and on the Mazak machine.
  • Edit your Mazatrol programs on your PC or laptop (also on the road), while your Mazak machines keep working.
  • Train new employees in Mazatrol without binding valuable machine time. Perform Mazatrol trainings by yourself – easily on the PC.

Mazatrol Editor und Mazak Programmiersoftware, MazaCAM bedient alle Mazak Maschinen und Mazatrol Steuerungen von einem offline PC Arbeitsplatz aus. CAM Programmierug für Mazak und Mazatrol

Mazatrol Editor with interactive contour display


  • Open multiple Mazatrol programs at the same time and simply copy and paste proven processes from one program to another.
  • Train your employees in Mazatrol without binding valuable machine time.
  • Compare machining strategies on the PC, before processing on the machine


  • All Mazak lathes, milling, and Integrex controllers are integrated by default
  • Company-specific customization
  • Load and use tool data out of your Mazak machine
  • Edit TPC data
  • Download and use cutting data and material lists from your Mazak machine
  • Interactive display of the programed contour in up to three windows at the same time
  • Tool path control
  • Run-time estimate
  • Advanced editing functions
  • User-friendly Windows interface with copy/paste function for Mazatrol

Exceeds original Mazak Control

The editor has more editing features than the machine control itself.

  • Open multiple contour graphics windows at the same time
  • Machining processes in finished units easy to change and overwrite
  • Insert lines behind/after a previous line
  • Search and replace tools
  • Replace tools between roughing and finishing

Here you can find a overview of all available packages and their contents.

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Open and edit multiple Mazatrol programs at the same time


Open multiple graphics windows in Mazatrol Editor



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