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MazaCAM CAD Import

Use CAD data for the programming of your Mazak machines and keep the Mazatrol advantage

MazaCAM CAD Import is the perfect add-on to our Mazatrol Editor. Simplify programming of complex contours by easily importing coordinates and points from a CAD file to the Mazatrol program. Simply write a processing unit and tool description in the Mazatrol Editor and import points and coordinates from a STEP, IGES or DXF file.


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  • MazaCAM CAD Import facilitates programming of your Mazak machines by simply copying your clients’ data in a Mazatrol program.
  • MazaCAM has interfaces for STEP, IGES and DXF and is therefore suitable for 2D and 3D CAD data. Coordinate selection for Mazatrol can also be done using a 3D solid model.
  • Contours and points can be adopted to a Mazatrol program with just a few mouse clicks.The linking of lines and points can be carried out automatically.
  • Use less confusing drawings or PDF documents. No more missing drawing dimensions, thanks to data import from a CAD file.
  • Just write the unit and tool data of your Mazatrol program and then simply import the contour from the MazaCAM CAD screen. Simply select a contour or one or several points and the corresponding coordinates are directly imported in your Mazatrol program.
  • Save up to 80% of programming time and route the programming work from your machines to the PC. Reduce programming errors by using MazaCAM CAD Import.



  • Direct entry; even without prior CAM knowledge.
  • Direct use of your customers’ CAD data.
  • Reduced type errors
  • No more missing dimensions
  • No more complicated point calculations
  • Saves up to 80% programming time
  • Applicable for all kinds of machining


  • Load, use and edit 2D and 3D CAD data
  • Adopt contours and points directly to the Mazatrol program.
  • Automatic linking of lines, points, and surfaces.
  • Feature detection for drilling
  • Read and analyze dimensions and coordinates of CAD

Here you can find a overview of all available packages and their contents for the use of CAD data for Mazatrol.


Import contours and points from a solid model in a Mazatrol program.

MazaCAM – The best offline programming system for Mazatrol on the market.



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