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Professionally transfer and manage Mazak data and programs

DNC-Pro package

Direct database access from your machine’s screen

X-MSK is the perfect add-on to our MazaCAM packages when it comes to effective, secure and easy Communication and management of your Mazak data. The X-MSK system, as an add-on to all our MazaCAM packages, provides the opportunity to save your data in an clearly structured database. Mazatrol Editor is able to load an edit data from this database. The integrated DNC system enables a direct system access to the database from Mazak machine screen.

The system can also be complemented with additional modules such as tool management, MDE, BDE, and malfunction indicator.


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Data backup for Mazak is a special issue on which many software companies are pushed to their limits. We take up where others have left. Do you want to transfer and manage your Mazak machine’s data safe, simple and professional ?  X-MSK DNC System is the right choice! This system is available and fully compatible as an add-on to all our MazaCAM packages.

  • Start the data transfer directly from the user interface of your Mazak machine with Fusion640 or Matrix Control. Thus, the operator can enter all relevant data, such as drawing numbers, run times, part names, programmer, number of machining operations and clampings, etc., directly on the machine The Mazak machine’s data are stored in a database and can thus be consistently viewed and retrieved, directly from the Mazak machine.
  • The system supports both, serial transmission for older Mazak models such as T32 and M-plus, as well as network transmission for Mazak Matrix and Smart.
  • The data management is clear and functional in design. The integrated recycle bin function allows to simply restore modified or deleted programs.
  • Further relevant data, such as drawings, graphics, and user information can be stored with the assigned Mazatrol program.
  • Our Mazatrol editor can be started from the data management and new programs can be created or existing Mazatrol programs can be edited. Edited programs can be transfer directly to the machine via DNC.
  • The X-MSK system is also suitable for communication with other machines and control types.




  • Enables data backup of your Mazatrol programs with all the required data from your Mazak machine in a databas
  • Open, view, and edit Mazatrol programs directly from the database on the PC
  • Simple operation
  • Management of Mazatrol programs and additional documents, such as clamping plans, drawings, etc. in a single software solution
  • Restoring of programs which are deleted in the database enables a safe operation.


Mazak-Datenverwaltung-mit-Option-auf-mehr-MDE-und-BDE-für-Mazak-Mazak Werkzeugverwaltung-Mazak-CAM-Programmierung-MazaCAM-Deutschland-wir-haben-die-Softwarelösung-für-Ihre-Mazak-Maschinen

Direct database access from the screen of Mazak machines with Fusion640 or Matrix Control


  • Communication with all Mazak machines and control types > serial and network
  • Direct database access from the screen of the Mazatrol Fusion640 and Matrix controls via network; full data control by the operator
  • Print and display Mazatrol programs
  • Versioning of modified programs and program comparison
  • Mazatrol NC-File with document management
  • Saving of finished contour graphics from the Mazak
  • Detailed filter function
  • Optional, switchable modules such as tool management, MDE, PDA etc.
  • Display the ready-to-receive status of the Mazak machine


Your Mazaks’ perfect data interface

High level backup of Mazatrol data

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