DNC Basic for Mazak - MazaCAM

Transfer Mazatrol programs serial or via network

Basic data management and DNC for Mazak

Manage all Mazak and Mazatrol data

MazaCAM Basic communication and management enables a data backup of your Mazatrol programs via serial interface or via network. Programs can be send and received from your Mazak machines. The built-in Windows based data management allows you to organize and find your data easily.


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Data backup for Mazak is a special issue on which many software companies are pushed to their limits. We take up where others have left. MazaCAM DNC-Basic is the smallest available expansion stage of the MazaCAM system; it is contained in each higher MazaCAM package by default.

  • Keep a complete overview of your Mazak programs Mazatrol data management lists your Mazak programs with identification of the control type,  program name, date of creation and program number.
  • Operation is carried out via an easy-to-use, Windows based interface.
  • MazaCAM management contains a filter function for Mazatrol control type, program content and machine.
  • The default integrated communication enables you to send or receive Mazatrol data to/from your machine. This includes serial communication for older Mazak machine types, such as T32 or M-plus, as well as network transmission for new Mazak controls such as Matrix or Smart. Each machine of your company gets a corresponding transfer path in MazaCAM.

Datensicherung-für-alle-Mazatrol-Steuerungen-und-Mazak-Maschinen-alle-Mazak-Dateiformate-Mazatrol-Programme-übetragen-sichern-und-verwalten-und-im-Mazacam-Mazatrol-Editor-öffnen-und-simulieren Communication with all Mazak Machines


  • Use of existing Windows folder structures and storage locations
  • No more searching for Mazatrol programs
  • Direct communication from PC workstation to the Mazak machine
  • No more data loss due to low memory capacity of the Mazak machine
  • Regular data backup protects against data loss due to operator or system error


  • Filter function > Search for Mazatrol control type, program numbers, program comment, machine, etc.
  • Integrated DNC system
  • Print Mazatrol Programs
  • Control other MazaCAM functions directly from the management. (Editor, convert,etc.)
  • Compare Mazak Programs
  • Print a tool list from an Mazatrol Program
  • Supports all Mazatrol formats
  • Optional Auto-DNC operation
  • Supports serial communication with older Mazak models (T2, M32, M-Plus, etc.)
  • Supports network transmission for modern Mazak controls (Fusion640, Matrix, Smart)
  • Also available as a tablet version



4,8 / 5,0