3D Machining - MazaCAM Mazatrol

MazaCAM 3D Machining

3D milling for Mazak machines

In addition to 2D machining for Mazatrol processes, MazaCAM also provides the ability to handle complex 3D surfaces and solids. Such operations are not supported by standard Mazatrol programming, since a change in the depth (Z-level) takes place during processing. MazaCAM combines the advantages of Mazatrol programming with the possibility to perform 3D machining (even as indexed machining for five axis machines).


3D-Bearbeitung-für-Mazak-und-Mazatrol-mit-MazaCAM-CAD-CAM-und-Editor-3D Bearbeitung-mit-Mazatrolprogrammen-kombinieren-HSM-Schruppen-für-3D Körper-und-verschiedene-Bearbeitungsstrategien


  • perform complex 3D machining without losing the Mazatrol advantages
  • clearly structured programs by combining Mazatrol and EIA-DIN / ISO
  • line milling of 3D contour with output of clear Mazatrol units from the CAM system
  • reduced processing times by modern machining processes and intelligent programming


  • various processing strategies for 3D shapes
  • modern HSM and trochoidal machining
  • combined machining strategies
  • curve machining
  • 3D machining with indexed axes
  • line milling in Mazatrol units or as EIA subroutine
  • suitable for all Mazak machines
  • Output of real Mazatrol for 2D machining and as a Konvent unit or EIA program for 3D machining.
  • program creation from STEP and IGES volume models
  • line milling of 3D surfaces in Mazatrol units
  • 3D surface machining with different machining strategies (Parallel XY, Z level, Adaptive HSM Roughing, etc)



4,8 / 5,0