Mazak machines and Mazatrol control

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The general trend is moving away from programming on the shop-floor, and instead moving to offline programming on a PC-workstation.

Companies who use Mazak machines for daily production know the value of the easy understandable and easy-to-use Mazatrol control. This is an advantage you also want to keep for offline programming of your Mazaks to reduce setup and non-productive times as far as possible.

As offline programming usually goes hand-in-hand with the use of CAD data, these companies had to use complex, difficult to understand DIN/ISO programs to use these CAD data. MazaCAM closes the gap between CAM programming and Mazatrol. It enables offline programming of Mazak machines and usage of CAD data while keeping the advantage of Mazatrol and Mazak control.

The following pages give an overview about what MazaCAM can do for your company, and how we support your to use your Mazaks even more effectively and to reduce programming times.


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